KOHIKI MUKOZUKE (Vessel for Kaiseki Cuisuine with White Slip)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by MATSUO. It is the simple dish covered with white clay, and high-fired transparent glaze on the top. Kohiki is white-colored pottery. It is used brown colored clay and put engobe entirely when it isn't fully dried, then apply the glaze. These bowls have been already sold. If you get a similar type of bowls, please contact us.This is a set of five bowls (5 pcs).

Takeo Ware


Height : 5.5 cm
Diameter : 14.5 cm

Artist Introduction


(Takeo artist)

He had studied pottery in Kyoto. A wide range of style can be seen and he pursues the beauty of kiln mutation effect.


21,600 JPY
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