YAKISHIMEDOBINGATA KAKI (Unglazed high-fired Flower Vessel with the Teapot design A)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by MATSUO. Dobin Japanese traditional teapot is his theme and he has formed by hands. It was baked with unglazed in the climbing kiln. He has put the vase into sayabachi refractory container with charcoal after firing. Then it is baked in the gas kiln. This comes with a signed wooden box.

Takeo Ware


Height : 40.5 cm
Width : 29.5 cm
Length : 18 cm

Artist Introduction


(Takeo artist)

He had studied pottery in Kyoto. A wide range of style can be seen and he pursues the beauty of kiln mutation effect.


194,400 JPY
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