ENYOSAI KAKI (Flower Vessel with Salt Kiln decoration)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by MATSUO. Mottled pink pattern is one of his characteristics and it is called Enyosai. He has put on engobe and it is baked in the climbing kiln set apart for salt glaze. Salt put into the kiln turns into steam while firing and has become a sort of glaze compounding with sillic acid. The kiln mutation effect of Gohonte tea bowl has been appeared. This comes with a signed wooden box.

Takeo Ware


Height : 37 cm
Diameter : 39.5 cm

Artist Introduction


(Takeo artist)

He had studied pottery in Kyoto. A wide range of style can be seen and he pursues the beauty of kiln mutation effect.


432,000 JPY
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