COFFEEWANZARA CHIKURINE (Cup & Saucer with Bamboo Grove design)

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Ceramic Feature

This cup & saucer is crafted by Hiradokakusho kiln. They have succeeded to the traditional bamboo design like a picture. Please enjoy bamboo picture drawn on the saucer. (Safe in your microwave, oven as well as dishwasher-safe).

Mikawachi Ware


Cup :
Height : 6.3 cm
Diameter : 8.1 cm
Handle Diameter : 2.6 cm
Saucer :
Height : 2.2 cm
Diameter : 15.1 cm

Artist Introduction

SATOMI, Toshitaka

SATOMI, Toshitaka
(Mikawachi artist)

He is the eighth generation potter of Kakusho kiln with a history of over 350 years. All graceful design are drawn by hand.


38,880 JPY
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