KIKKANAGAZARA (Chrysanthemum shaped Plate)

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Ceramic Feature

This plate is crafted by Hiradokakusho kiln. They have reproduced the design which came from Edo period. It is molded in a shape of chrysanthemums flower and they have produced softly, thinly. This artwork has been already sold. If you get the same plate, please contact us. (Safe in your microwave, oven as well as dishwasher-safe).

Mikawachi Ware


Height : 4.8 cm
Diameter : 21.7 cm
Diameter : 10.4 cm

Artist Introduction

SATOMI, Toshitaka

SATOMI, Toshitaka
(Mikawachi artist)

He is the eighth generation potter of Kakusho kiln with a history of over 350 years. All graceful design are drawn by hand.


3,780 JPY
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