KARATSU MISHIMA HIIRE (White Inlay Karatsu Vessel B)

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Ceramic Feature

This vessel is crafted by MIZOKAMI. Firing in the climbing kiln and throwing a cup on the wheel. He used the inlay skill for decoration. Hiire is a vessel for holding fire and is placed on the tray for a set of smoking tools in the tea room. Mishima has been handed down from Korea. Making dents in the stamp, painting engobe there, scraping the surplus clay and putting glaze to express white color pattern with baking.

Karatsu Ware


Height : 8.0 cm
Diameter : 9.4 cm

Artist Introduction

MIZOKAMI, Yoshihiro

MIZOKAMI, Yoshihiro
(Karatsu artist)

Yoshihiro is the eldest son of MIZOKAMI, Sofu. He uses stones, clays taken in Imari and compounds the glaze with soft texture


12,960 JPY
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