MURASAKI TSUYUKUSAMON ROKKAKU YUNOMI (Hexagonal Tea Cup with Spiderworts design)

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Ceramic Feature

This cup has been handcrafted by SHOMURA. It was formed by the potter's wheel thickly and transformed into hexagon. He has adjust the shape by the wire, after the spiderworts design is engraved, he embedded paints in it. This artwork has been already sold. If you get a similar type of cup, please contact us. This comes with a signed paulownia box.

Arita Ware


Height : 11.5 cm
Diameter : 8.5 cm

Artist Introduction


(Arita artist)

He has succeeded to skills of Banko Kiln founded in 1884. All pieces are breathtakingly beautiful design with unique tint.


16,200 JPY
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