SHUKI WAKAMURASAKI (Drinking Vessel poem from The Tale of Genji, the volume of Wakamurasaki)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by TAMURA. It is completed by the bronze glaze inside, and waka Japanese poems from Tale of Genji the volume of Wakamurasaki are written. This is the pouring sake into the cup like pitcher. This bottle can hold about 400 cc. This artwork has been already sold. If you get a similar type of bottle, please contact us. This comes with a signed paulownia box.

Kutani Ware


Height : 13.7 cm
Width : 7.8 cm
Length : 7.0 cm

Artist Introduction


(Kutani artist)

She has carried on brush-writing micro calligraphy. Alphabets are also elegantly written, not to mention waka.


64,800 JPY
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