SAIJI KOKINSHU HARUNOUTA UMEMON TOKKURI (Sake Flask with plum design with poem from Kokinshu)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by TAMURA. She writes spring waka Japanese poems and paints plum design. It seems to be adorable shape. Kokinshu is imperial-commissioned poem anthology at Heian period. Court literature had been established and it had a great influence on the Japanese literature later. This artwork has been already sold. If you get a similar type of bottle, please contact us. This comes with a signed paulownia box.

Kutani Ware


Height : 14 cm
Diameter : 8.5 cm

Artist Introduction


(Kutani artist)

She has carried on brush-writing micro calligraphy. Alphabets are also elegantly written, not to mention waka.


41,040 JPY
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