MIZUSASHI (Fresh Water Jar E)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by MORI. It is fired in the climbing kiln and was placed at the upper part. It is mizusashi container for fresh-water in Japanese tea ceremony. He used spilt log by red pine as fuel and Goma pattern fallen ashes look like sesame is appeared with nine days firing. Simple peril color is covered on the clay. This comes with a signed wooden box.

Bizen Ware


Height : 16.5 cm
Diameter : 17.0 cm

Artist Introduction

MORI, Yasushi

MORI, Yasushi
(Bizen artist)

50 years have passeed since he started making pottery. He has succeeded to his family Hozan kiln and makes new Bizen ware style.


172,800 JPY
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