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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by MORI. He has made the gourd with the lid of teapot. There is well-burnt with kiln mutation effect at the bowl. It is a set of five tea cups. This comes with a signed wooden box.

Bizen Ware


Teapot :
Height : 7.7 cm
Width : 10.8 cm
Length : 8.3 cm
Yusamashi bowl (get hot water cool) :
Height : 6 cm
Width : 10.3 cm
Length : 9.3 cm
Cups (stacking up) :
Height : 8.7 cm
Width : 6.8 cm

Artist Introduction

MORI, Teisai

MORI, Teisai
(Bizen artist)

His pottery attracts favorble comments with smooth and comfortable texture. He challenges himself to make new Bizen ware style.


91,800 JPY
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