NERITSUGI HAI CHAWAN (Neritsugi Ash Tea Bowl)

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Ceramic Feature

This has been handcrafted by HOSHINO. Neritsugi means the method of joining a plain clay and marbled clay. It is made by porcelain's clay colored in gray. He kneaded the white color into light gray, and made form by the dark gray color at the top, then put together to make tea bowl shape. The crystal of ash glaze appears at the top and it is like sky with glittering stars. This comes with a signed wooden box.


Height : 6.5 cm
Diameter : 13.7 cm

Artist Introduction

HOSHINO, Tomoyuki

HOSHINO, Tomoyuki

His kiln has been built in Tokyo, and he developed his original technique of "Neritsugi". He won a prize in vairous public exhibition, including the Japan Traditional Art Crafts exhibition.


75,600 JPY
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