MADARAGARATSU YOHEN TRUMPETGATA KAHEI (Flower Vessel with Blue Spots of Straw Ash glaze)

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Ceramic Feature

This is the pottery by FUJINOKI, Yotaro. This is one of the series for the instruments shaped flower vessel, trumpet. Klin mutation effect has appeared by the action of fire and ashes since it was fired at the special place in the kiln. Kahei is kept in a paulownia box with an authentic signature.

Karatsu Ware


Height : 31.5 cm
Diameter : 21.5 cm
Diameter : 13.5 cm

Artist Introduction



He makes Karatsu Ware at Dohei Kiln, in Karatsu-shi, Saga prefecture. His wide lineup vary from tea utensils and tableware, to ornaments such as musical instruments and animals.


162,000 JPY
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