YOHENKUMIBACHI (Bowls with Kiln Mutation Effect C)

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Ceramic Feature

This is the pottery by MORIYAMA, Kanjiro. It was molded by the potter's wheel. This was poured by the glaze including large quantity of irons with the reducing frame firing slow cooling. Clear color appears inside and it is suitable for soup or "Japanese nimono (stewed dishes)". This is a set of five bowls (5 pcs).

Koishiwara Ware


Height : 7 cm
Diameter : 13 cm

Artist Introduction


(Koishiwara artist)

He is the first son of MORIYAMA Motomi, and makes pottery at Toho village, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka prefecture. His tableware suits one’s hand well for daily use, and he challenges to make it an artistic work.


21,600 JPY
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