SHIGARAKI KUSHIME ITAZARA (Plate with Comb pattern)

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Ceramic Feature

This plate is crafted by ARAKAWA. It was fired in the "angama wood-burning kiln". He used the technique of "tatara-zukuri" which means that rolling out clay thinly and slicing it while being placed between two boards. It is suitable for putting any food, such as salada, sliced bread, cakes, or "osushi". Dishwasher is available.

Shigaraki Ware


Height : 4.6 cm
Width : 41.0 cm
Diameter : 21.0 cm

Artist Introduction

ARAKAWA, Satoshi

ARAKAWA, Satoshi
(Shigaraki artist)

Arakawa moved to Shiga to make his unique ceramics. Simple design with burnt and mild natural glaze are characterized by firing in the anagama wood-fired kin.


48,600 JPY
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