EGARATSU CHAWAN SHIKI (Decorated Karatsu Tea bowl with Four Seasons design)

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Ceramic Feature

This tea bowl is crafted by FUJINOKI. Egaratsu is one of the famous technique in Karatsu ware. He has painted the flowers design which are blooming in each season. Spring, cherry blossoms is painted, morning glory in summer, in autumn it's two kinds of chrysanthemum and camellia in winter. Dripping glazeand kairagi crack pattern can be seen at the foot. It has become the scene. He makes the bowl at a proper size and it can be used through a year.


Height : 7.5 cm
Diameter : 12.5 cm

Artist Introduction



He makes Karatsu Ware at Dohei Kiln, in Karatsu-shi, Saga prefecture. His wide lineup vary from tea utensils and tableware, to ornaments such as musical instruments and animals.


55,000 JPY
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