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NAKAZATO, Tsutomu NAKAZATO, Tsutomu Hiradoshozan Kiln


He graduated from Arita College of Ceramics, Saga prefecture and trained at Tokodo in Akasaka.
He went home to take over the family's business in Mikawachi.
Kenjokarako picture which was the represntative design in Mikawachi has been painted in Hiradoshozan Kiln through generations. He studied the traditional Kenjokarako picture under his father Katsutoshi.
His art is mainly sometsuke (in underglaze blue) and he paints Karako picture, the shonzui pattern, and the arabesque pattern gracefully. The execellent technique is said that one of the representative Mikawachi Ware's ceramic artisit.
His solo exhibition holds in every place including TAKASHIMAYA Nihonbashi, and it is paid much attention. He strives to improve quality by developing his skill in the future.


Born in Mikawachicho Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki prefecture
Graduation from Arita College of Ceramics, Saga prefecture
Studied under Hiradoshozan Kiln. Started painting such as Karakoe, flower plants design of Hirado underglaze blue
Solo exhibition in Nihonbashi Takashimaya
Selected for the Nagasaki Ceramics Exhibition
Selected for the Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition


774 Mikawachi-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki 859-3155 Japan