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New Customers

Japan Pottery Net was founded to introduce Japanese ceramics to the entire world, thanks to the partnership of the distinguished ceramic artists whose works are the cultural heritage of Japan.

Through the exhibition of art galleries and museums, artistic values of Japanese pottery are appreciated worldwide. Therefore, there are considerable numbers of Japanese ceramic-lovers even outside of Japan. Unfortunately, some have not had a chance to meet with the sense of beauty that Japanese craftsmen have succeeded in creating for hundreds of years.

The ceramics of the renowned high-class artists in Japan are hardly distributed outside of Japan. Even in Japan, it is hard to gain access to prestigious Japanese ceramics unless they are displayed in department stores or private exhibitions. Most of the works are stored in the artists’ private potteries in the countryside, which gives few opportunities for people in the cities or from foreign countries to get to know such treasures.

Japan Pottery Net presents the artists and their arts in detail. The pictures of arts by professional photographers will help you find your favorite arts. You can purchase them anytime and anywhere.

Japan Pottery Net selects the outstanding potteries of the leading ceramic creators.

● Fine ceramic artists representing Japan
The artists of Japan Pottery Net are acknowledged as proficient and exceptional by ceramic fans and even other artists.

● Ceramics as Artwork
Each piece of art is the devoted work of a highly skilled master.

● Direct shipment from the kiln
Every ceramic piece of pottery is carefully packed and shipped to the customer.