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Contemporary Craft Art

Searching for the avant-garde expression by contemporary ceramic artist beyond the boundary of tradition

Recently there are some exhibitions of contemporary craft arts held in Japan. Craft production to express individual originality gave rise to the familiar decoration and figurative art based on Japanese aesthetics from ancient times. Japanese contemporary craft has developed as time passes and has also been noticed internationally. Recently lots of artists have deeper thoughts on figurative art and creat crafts that are accepted in modern times with passion. Today's craft interacts with animation, manga, design, etc. and artists have the unique point of view about the way of display of arts which are delivered to the world.

Here, the category of contemporary craft art is very difficult to be distinguished from other categories, and its definition seems to have been widely discussed. There is a need to clarify the guidelines of what contemporary craft art is. For example, from the claim professed by contemporary art crafts association, The word of "contemporary craft" is a contrast to the word "craft from the past". Crafts from the past refer to nothing but existing value of historical reflection already receding from our times. At the same time, adding the criticism and feeling the backlash to this, we have named the art by contemporary craft artists who absorbs the modern and lives the modern time as "GENDAIKOGEI". To put it briefly, it is the reversible definition of "not traditional" or "not classical". It is to create a new avant-garde expression over conventional concepts. (However you can't completely reject the traditional nuance. We think that traditional nuance in the arts can be rather naturally expressed.)

Many contemporary craft arts have been created in the wide range, from traditional craft to craft oriented ones. There we think that you can feel the intention to continue with the high-quality creative arts forever.

We focus on the contemporary craft arts which are sent to the world as the today's expression with a clearly different approach to the conventional crafts.