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Mumyo Kiln Saga Prefecture Takeo Ware Mumyo Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

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Mumyo Kiln is the place of ten minutes' drive from the Takeoonsen Station in Takeo-shi, Saga. It is located slightly away from downtown. The quiet scenery of the fields opens, and you can feel cozy. Fukuda-san worked for company related to ceramics in Kyoto since he was graduated from the pottery department of Arita Industry high school. As he visited the pottery in Kyoto-shi, felt attracted by making ceramics profoundly, he studied under Uno Sango and Iwabuchi Shigeya. Fukuda-san has determined to work at home in Takeo-shi, the kiln was opened in 1971. He was selected in several public exhibitions, including Japan Traditional Kogei exhibition. Artworks such as beni-kohiki with profound red color fired by reducing flame or ameyu glaze in which deep green color flows abundantly. He also uses unique ash glaze and brings out the best of soil’s character in making high-fired ceramics.

Address : 3130-1 Takeo, Takeo-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga 843-0022 Japan<


He is a representative artist with more than 50 years of carrier as the eldest artist of the Takeo ware.
He expresses his world by the " biscuit" which employs the taste of the soil or the glaze.