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Hiraku Kiln Saga Prefecture Arita war Hiraku Kiln Saga Prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :


Hiraku Kiln is the place of 3.2 kilometers from Todoroki elementary school of Ureshino-shi. There is the sign board to guide at the foot of the mountains. Once you go up the slope slowly, there is huge tea plantations, rich nature surrounded by beautiful ridgeline far away, it gives us the majestic impression. NONAKA, Taku studied under Kozan Kiln in Useshino-machi, Saga prefecture. He opened Hiraku Kiln in 1997. His white porcelain, Tenmoku are displayed with the stunning presence in the exhibition room. Artworks such as plates, cups, and gulps are also exhibited with black or green colored by SYOKO who is the TAKU's wife. Sunset is beautiful from here as if it were the scenery like watching the landscape painting. There is also the shop in Useshino-machi if you visit, please call.

Address : 15309 Hakamano Higashikawanobori-otsu, Takeo-shi, Saga 843-0234 Japan


He studied under ONO,Hakuko and Shoji. His "Tenmoku Tohamon Fukabachi" which was purchased by Japan's Imperial Household Agency became an encouragement to make Tenmoku.