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Hakuyo Kiln Hyogo Prefecture Tanba Ware Hakuyo Kiln Hyogo prefecture, Kinki

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Hakuyo Kiln is s the place of fifteen minutes’ drive from the Sandanishi interchange of Maizuru-Wakasa expressway. It stands over the slope right across the Musuem of Ceramic Art, Hyogo. A mountain range behind the kiln is a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, and it has colorful scenery in the season of autumn leaves. SHIMIZU, Ichiji was born in Tanbatachikui, he had practiced in Tanba, Seto, and Bizen after graduated from university. Hakuyo Kiln was established in 2004 because he had determined to make pottery with flexible conception. SHIMIZU expresses colorfully with the technique of sprayed slip decoration, called Suidei. His artworks such as tableware, gulps and bottles are displayed in the exhibition room.

Address : 393 Kamitachikui, Konda-cho, TanbaSasayama-shi, Hyogo 669-2135 Japan
Visiting hours : 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Website : Hakuyo Kiln


He brings originality to Tanba ware by expressing mild color “Suidei” by his warm character and practice. Many ceramic fans await his new arts.