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Yamadaakira Kiln Shiga Prefecture Kyoto Ware Yamadaakira Kiln Shiga prefecture, Kinki

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Yamadaakira Kiln is the place of fifteen minutes' walk from the Ogotoonsen station, JR Kosai Line, and five minutes' drive from the Ogiogoto interchange of National Route 161. It is a good place to live surrounded by nature, beautiful townscape such as foot of Mt. Hiei, near Lake Biwa. Yamada-san was born in Kyoto-shi, he studided ceramics and started working. He was selected for various public exhibitions evaluated with methodical, creative desgin and he has determined to be independent. The kiln with house was opened in 1998 at the quiet residential street, after moved from Kyoto to Otsu. The material is made in mixed both Shigaraki's clay and clay took in Otsu. Shojohi with red color series is shaped with the potter's wheel after wedging porcelain's clay. The red and black paints are painted again, polished carefully with fine-grained paper, and good texture was completed. You couldn't resist holding his vessels when watching them. He is trying for the boundary between out of the box ware and objet d'art.

Address : 1-11-1 Oginosato, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-0246 Japan


His individual modeling and textures are attracted among ceramic fans.
His original technique is called shojohi and contrast of the appearance and a sence of smoothness is exquisite.