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Kihei Kiln Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Ware Kihei Kiln Kyoto prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
IKAI Yuichi


Huge climbing kiln was built at Nantan-shi in the suburbs of Kyoto-shi with rich nature in 2007. The kiln is the place of 60 minutes' drive from the center of Kyoto-shi, and is also 60 minutes' taking JR Sanin Line from Kyoto station. landscape is seen each season at the front of the mountains near the kiln, he works hard. MR. IKAI was born in Gojozaka, Kyoto-shi succeeding ceramic dealer throughout generations, called Tsuboyakihei. Kihei kiln is named after Tsuboyakihei. The shop is halfway up the slope called Chawan-zaka which leads to Kiyomizu temple slowly, it is full of tourists there. His artworks are displayed such as Haiyu, Seiji, Yakishime, and Tetsuyu fired in the climbing kiln. He has been producing ash glaze Haiyu these days, and is particular about groundwork which leverages the charm of pottery.

Address : 3-407 Gojobashihigashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0846 Japan


IKAI, Yuichi
He is one of the representative artists in Kyoto Ware. He acquired the special technique to make vessels which is suited for Japanese every day style cooking.