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Matsuitomoyuki Kiln Okayama Prefecture Bizen ware Matsuitomoyuki Kiln Okayama prefecture, Chugoku

Artist :
MATSUI Tomoyuki


Matsuitomoyuki Kiln is near the Inbe station, JR Ako Line. It takes five minutes' drive from the Inbe station. It is the place of five minutes' drive from the Wake interchange of Sanyo expressway. It is surrounded by the forests and the natural resources along National Route 374. Matsuitomoyuki Kiln was established at Nishikatakami, Bizen-shi in 1973. Many artworks are displayed such as decorating jars, vases and tea utensils, please have a look at them slowly. He adjusts modern sense to the oldest Bizen Ware which expresses tradition over 1,000 years and essence today. The profundity of expression can be possibly felt from tea utensils or vases created with the potter's wheel or hand-forming by long-time research of kiln. The firing is based on both of the natural glaze and the perilla color. He makes vivid pottery with the technique of Neriage, Kinsai, Ginsai and Aisai, taking advantage of his study in Kyoto.

Address : 2048 Nishikatakami, Bizen-shi, Okayama 705-0021 Japan


MATSUI, Tomoyuki
He is one of the most famous Bizen artists and is the Okayama Prefectual Intangible Cultural Asset. He brought up many young ceramic artists and his achievement has been highly praised.