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Watoen Gifu Prefecture Watoen Gifu prefecture, Chubu

Artist :
SHIBATA Masamitsu


Watoen is the place of five minutes' drive from the Tokiminamitajimi interchange of Tokai-kanjo expressway. Oroshi-cho is famous for the production area of Mino ware and it has especially the largest production about sake bottle. Pretty mascot named Tokkuri Tokkun with a face, hands and legs are placed in the town. Pottery which are produced in Watoen such as mugs, cup & saucers, pizza plates and tea bowls, they are suitable for kitchen table. Shibata-san was graduated from the university, studied in the Ishoken technical center, and took over his family's business. Aside from the pottery, he publishes his colorful works named Blue and Pop. He creates ceramics with a varied color as people enjoy watching.

Address : 405-6 Oroshicho, Toki-shi, Gifu 509-5202 Japan


SHIBATA, Masamitsu
The family business is the manufacturer of Mino ware in Toki-shi, Gifu prefecture.
He works as a ceramic artist, the coloroful design draws people together.