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Teramoto Kiln Ibaraki Prefecture Teramoto Kiln Ibaraki prefecture, Kanto

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Teramoto Kiln is the place of ten minutes' drive from the Tomobe interchange of Kita-Kanto expressway. Kasama-shi is located at the middle part in Ibaraki prefecture and there is Kasamainari shrine continued with over 1000 years. It was once flourished as the Kasama castle town. The region is known for the production of Kasama Ware which was started making from Edo period. TERAMOTO studied painting in Kutani Ware, and he opened the kiln at Kasama in 1976. He chose this place because he thought that he could be concentrate on making ceramics beyond the stereotypes with high quality soils and few old kilns. There is the climbing kiln with a slop, the electric kiln and the gas kiln, he creates large art objet. Ceramics are displayed such as Ginsai, Yakishime, Kokuyu, Zogan and Saimon-Doki, created with a variety of style. He opens a shop to annual Kasama Himatsuri festival which holds from end of the April to the beginning of May.

Address : 406 Minamiyoshihara, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki 309-1622 Japan
Visiting hours : 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


He is the pioneer of Kasama Ware. He is an expert, who isn't caught by the established stereotype but makes designs freely.