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Kosen Kiln Saga Prefecture Kosen Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
AOKI Taeko
KAWASOE Takahiko


Kosen Kiln is located along National Route 202 between from Imari to Karatsu, Saga prefecture. It is near the Furusato village of roadside station Imari, the climbing kiln is seen from the road. About 100 meters from the entrance of signboard, and ascending the gentle slope toward the right way, you can reach the kiln. Ancestors took charge of making celadon and painting at minute craftsmanship factory for generations (The Nabeshima clan's kiln workplace). The kiln makes an effort to modernization study about celadon firing in recent years, and has succeeded in firing the excellent Nabeshima celadon. There is the climbing kiln to fire the porcelain in Imari-shi, and it is very valuable. Tour of the kiln is possible. They offer long Nabeshima history and appeal lived by traditional Kogei. All porcelains are hand-painted. The paintings without lead are used for the tableware, considering safety. Persons usually enjoy safe, kind vessels. The gallery is at the secret kiln's village of Mt. Okawachi where the Nabeshima clan's kiln was placed. Ascending the slope a little from the Nabeshima clan park's parking lot and the gallery is seen at right side. There are lots of wares in the exhibition room, and you can watch them by having closely. They have widely artworks such as tableware, ornaments, arts which is made use of the original kiln's skill. Please drop by if you come to this area.
Nabeshima Ware has three kinds of porcelain such as Ironabeshima, Nabeshimaseiji and Nabeshimasometsuke. Each feature is the following.
1. Ironabeshima
Only three colors are painted with overglaze enamel, red, green, yellow inside the outline of thin sometsuke.
2. Nabeshimaseiji
Putting the beautiful celadon glaze into porcelains generally and being fired up.
3. Nabeshimasometsuke
Design is painted only with the blue of sometsuke.

Address : 1555-17 Fumaneki, Minamihata-cho, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0015 Japan


AOKI, Taeko
Qualified as Traditional Art Craftsmen of Imari Arita Ware. She expresses tradition and softness through her motif of flowers.

KAWASOE, Takahio
He is the youngest ceramic artist at Kosen Kiln, Saga prefecture. Expresses Imari Ware's traditional art through his delicate and beautiful paintings.