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Kumamotoyoshihiro Kiln Saga Prefecture Kumamotoyoshihiro Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
KUMAMOTO, Yoshihiro


Kumamotoyoshihiro Kiln is the place of seven minutes' drive from the Hizenkashima station of JR Nagasaki Line and is also the place of twenty five minutes' drive from the Ureshino interchange of Nagasaki expressway. The eastern part of Kashima-shi, Saga prefecture faces the Ariake sea and the southern part is surrounded by Tara mountains. There is Hizen Hamayado Sake brewery of historical heritage near the kiln. The countryside scape of warehouses with the white plastered wall are seen, houses with Kawarabuki tile-roofing are still built, and it is beautiful scenery. Kumamoto-san has determined to work at home since he had trained in Kyoto, Kumamotoyoshihiro Kiln was built at Hamamachi, Kashima-shi in 1979. He is attracted to Chinese Song celadon. The noble color that the Chinese emperor loved is expressed brilliantly by the glaze, and he studied the green color, the blue color.

Address : 4050-3 Hamamachi-ko, Kashima-shi, Saga 849-1322 Japan


KUMAMOTO, Yoshihiro
Having trained in Kyoto, he got back to the hometown and opened the pottery in Kashima-shi.
He found enlightened charm to Chinese Seiji and devotes himself to create original celadon today.