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Miharu Kiln Shiga Prefecture Miharu Kiln Shiga prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
KANZAKI, Shusaku


Shigawaki ware Miharu Kiln is the place of twenty minutes' drive from Shigaraki interchange of Shin-Meishin expressway. ] Running to the National road 307 toward Uji, the signboard stands where it goes for a while after turning right at the Shigarakieki-guhci intersection. Shigaraki-yaki can be counted as Rokko-yo the six oldest kilns, it is the historical place where ceramics are produced since the middle ages things like vases including tea pots, jars. The head of the pottery, Tsuguharu-san and his-son Shusaku-san helps his family business. There is a climbing kiln which had been used for a long time and ceased to use. The firing room renovated to place their artworks now. Ceramics are baked for five days by loading to anagama. You can see works in the exhibition room. They have the traditional method of firing and can produce texture of scarlet, kiln effect, and other features. It is the texture that feels the tradition of Shigaraki-yaki and it is easy to use.

Address : 1388-1 Nagano Shigaraki-cho, Koga-shi Shiga 529-1851 Japan


KANZAKI, Shusaku
He was born in Shigaraki-cho and makes pottery at Miharu Kiln today.
The ceramics are baked in anagama and are characterized by its mysterious, warm design.