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Chinzei Kiln Saga Prefecture Chinzei Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyushu

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Chinzei Kiln is the place of five minutes' drive from the Karatasu-Chichikayamda interchange of Nishi Kyushu expressway. It is located in the forest bush. Yasunaga decide to become a potter, after he studied ceramic under two masters, the pottery was build at the remote place. Karatsu-yaki works made by Yasunaga are displayed in the exhibition room, for example, tableware, sake cups and tea untesils. There are rokuro potter's wheel and noborigama climbing kiln in an another house. More than ten years have passed since it was established as of 2019 and his works are fired in the climbing kiln a few times a year. Start with collecting soil, shape carefully and his works are born through a series of handmade process one by one.

Address : 1129-4 Kitahataosugi, Karatsu-shi Saga 847-1212 Japan


All works are fired in the climbing kiln.
Pursue the true nature from Karasu clay.