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Kohaku Kiln Nara Prefecture Kohaku Kiln Nara prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
ITOI, Yasuhiro


Kohaku Kiln is located in the residential area of 15 minutes' walk from the Oji station, JR Kansai Line. Itoi-san started having an interest in ceramics after he had learned architecture at university, and he entered Kyoto-fu College of Potter Technology. Two Kyoto ware artists who are yohen specialist Kamata Koji and Ikai Yuichi, they also taught Itoi-san pottery so he could become independent. Then the pottery was build after he moved to Nara prefecture. He makes ceramics at Oji-cho where his workplace is installed. Oji-cho is located in the northwest part of Nara prefecture. There are two rivers the Yamagatogawa and its branch the Kutsuragigawa flows in the town. The city has been developed as the west commuter town getting to Osaka because of so many new residential areas. The Horyuji temple is near his pottery. It is designated as a World Heritage Site and is the oldest wooden building existing in the world.

Address : 2-14-21 Oji-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun Nara 636-0012 Japan


ITOI, Yasuhiro
He uses the special plant-blended ash that has been researched for glaze.
The works pursue the thing with wonderful shape and color born from nature.