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NAKAO, Tetsuaki NAKAO, Tetsuaki Gyokuho Kiln



・Tetsuaki-san wanted to become a philosopher in his school days, read many books and had a discussion with the professor.
・His father was also a potter, seeing his making pottery, Tetsuaki-san determined to make his way to be a ceramic artist.
・He had retinal detachment and was once unable to see things, one day he dreamed of floating stars in the night sky.
・He thought his painful experience should save for those who had the same emotion, the dream translated into new work.
・The glaze called gingayu that is seemingly unfamiliar glitter to us was invented as if numberless stars twinkle in the space.
・Being contained with praying for world peace.


Yamauchi-cho,Kishima-gun, Saga prefecture in 1952
23580-1 Oazamiyano, Yamauchi-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga 849-2305 Japan
Arita Ceramic Art Association


The SIR City of Sevilla Cultural Education Merit prize in the Premio Meritorio de Culturay Education de Municipio de Sevilla (1997)
The Premio de Arte A.M.S.C. Espana by the Art Maison Selecting Committee (2001)
The Grand Prix at the Ecology Earth Art 21 Exhibition (2002)
The special prize in the Prix Tricolore de la Paix de l’Art (2003)
The Cote d’Azur International Art prize in the Cannes International Art Festival (2004) The Russia National Art Academy Council prize in the Moscow International Art Exposition (2007)
and many more
LONDON Christie's Auction "Japanese Art & Design Including Arts of The Samurai" (2011)
LONDON Christie's Auction "THE JAPANESE AESTHETIC" (2012)