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NAKAO, Tetsuaki NAKAO, Tetsuaki Gyokuho Kiln


The artist who developed his original technique called "Galaxy Glaze".
He has been admired in foreign countries as he received many awards in European countries like Spain, Dutch, France, Turkey, and Italy and the Middle and Near East. His name “NAKAO, Tetsuaki” was engraved at the Louvre in Paris.
He has a great knowledge about philosophy. His theme is to bring message that will be handled down as the history of man through his arts.
In Japan, he has been mainly active in solo exhibition.
The pattern of "Galaxy Glaze" expresses as if numberless stars twinkle in the space, which is praised by many ceramic lovers.


Born in Yamauchi-cho,Kishima-gun, Saga prefecture
Selected for Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association Exhibition
Selected for Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition
Collected at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China
Collected at the Guanyao Museum, Hangzhou, China
Invited as the Japanese representative to exhibit at the Biennale Internationale de Ceramique d'Art de Vienna in France
Parallel exhibition with "KITAOJI, Rosanjin" at the Denver Art Musuem, Colorado USA. Currently housed as a permanent collection
Awarded the International Art Encouragement by the International Art Prize Grand Exhibition, Italy, 1995. 'Mostra D'arte Giapponese' Comune di Montelupo Fiorentio, Italia, 1995
Exhibitied as the Japanese representative at the Japan-Spain Cultural Exchange Art Exhibition, "Heart Art in Spain 1997" (Seville, Spain)
Awarded the SIR City of Sevilla Cultural Education Merit prize
"Premio Meritorio de Culturay Education de Municipio de Sevilla"
"Salon L'Amicale des Arts de Versailes" member, France
Selected for EXPO ARTEC'98
Medalist of the Trustee, CHRISTIAN RANGROACH
(President of de L'Acdemie des 'Beaux-Arts' de L'Institut de France.)
SeIected for the Japanese Art exhibition in Amsterdam in celebration of the 400 Year Anniversary of Japan-Dutch Relations "Art Union Holland prize"
Ceramics exhibition "Contemporary Arita & Meissen"
Selected for exhibition (Art gallery at Albrecht CastIe Museum, Meissen, Germany).
Awarded the Millennium Art Academy Global prize by the Overseas Arts Exchange Association
SeIected for and exhibition held at the Paris 2000 touring exhibition "Japanese Art Festival."
Awarded the "Premio de Arte A.M.S.C. Spana" by the Art Maison Selecting Committee
Permanent collections in major galleries throughout the world including the Prado Museum in Spain, Louvre Museum in France and the Hermitage Museum in St.Petersberg, Russia
lnvited as the Japanese representative to exhibit at the 5th Monaco Japanese Culture Festival upon the recommendation of President of Honor of the Society of Artists PAUL AMBILLE, French
Awarded the Principality of Monaco Honorary prize by the AAD-council-Monaco
Appointed as a member of the "AMSC"
Appointed as an honorary member of the "Associazione Culturale L'ALBA GATTA ROMA"
The AMSC Spain Headquarters Commendation prize by the Art Maison Selecting Committee
Special exhibition held at the China-Japan Joint Calligraphy Exhibition in Guilin, China
The Cultural Agency Director's prize
The Grand Prize, in the Ceramics Division at the Ecology Earth Art 21 Exhibition
Exhibited at the Revolution in Art exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France
"Prix de La Porte des Lions" and "Prix Tricolore de la Paix de l'Art"
"NAKAO, Tetsuaki" was engraved seal eternally to Louvre Museum
The 2nd Turkey Japan contemporary art world exhibition 2003 at Istanbul Topkai Palace
The Ottoman Empire art decoration was granted
Medici Foundation "The Glory of Neo Renaissance Art in Firenze" in Firenze ltaly
The Costanza de' Medici art prize
Specially invited to and exhibited at the Vatican City's "Vatican Divine Creation exhibition"
Exhibited specially to Galeria Della Pigna
"Cannes International Art Festival"
The Cote d'Azur International Art prize
Galaxy glaze tea utensiles are introduced by FUDEN-ANN KOBORI, Sojitsu (the 13th Enshu tea ceremony head family grand master) as grand master's selection in "Ozone Summer Tea Party"
Submitted to German Arita Ceramic Art Exhibition (Meissen Berlin Dusseldorf)
Galaxy glaze tea utensils are introduced with KOBORI, Sojitsu grand master platinum tearoom by "The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan."
First exhibition in KEIO, Shinjuku
Authorized by AUL artists who should leave for the history being to the world by AΩ selection conference
Japanese Fine Arts exhibition in Asia at Queen Sirikit Art Museum
The prize for an excellent art "Invited from the Thailand royal family"
Beijing International Art Exposition "Invited from the organizing committee"
Moscow International Art Exposition "The Russia National Art Academy Council prize"
Private exhibition at a Queen Victoria gallery in London
Heart Art BARCELONA, Japan and the Spain art Exchange Festival
The Barcelona Ceramic Art Foundation prize
His debut in London Bonhams auction
Awareded by Thai Royal Family Queen Samusawari Arts Cup
Interchange festival in Japan and Hungary
Exhibited by the recommendation of the LOUVRE MUSEUM director
Awarded by Hangary Culture Art Honorary Artists prize
Ginga glaze solo exhibition at Fukuoka Art Museum
Exhibitied as LONDON Christie's Auction
Japanese Art & Design Including Arts of The Samurai< /dd>
Exhibitied as LONDON Christie's Auction

Special Affiliations

Arita Ceramics Association
Medici Culture Associaition
Hapsburg Art Friendship Association
former Spain National Prado Museum Foundation
Alba Gatta Roma Artists Association Honor


23580-1 Oazamiyano, Yamauchi-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga 849-2305 Japan