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Gyokuho Kiln Saga Prefecture Arita ware Gyokuho Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
NAKAO Tetsuaki


The Gyokuho-gama is the place of about 15 minutes' drive from the Hasamiarita interchange of Nishi-Kyushu expressway. The JR Sasebo Line is passing through the Mimasaka station, and it's the quiet place surrounded by nature. Tetsuaki-san have had a lot of experiences in his school days. Though he felt the situation is far from idea, one day he was thinking of work that looks like a galaxy shining on a celestial body. The ginga-yu glaze was invented from that concept. Gyokuho-gama has been opened with kilns for making pottery of ginga-yu. Many people across the country come to see the indescribable world of special glaze, ginga-yu.

Address : 23580-1 Oazamiyano, Yamauchi-cho, Takeo-shi, Saga 849-2305 Japan


NAKAO, Tetsuaki
Tetsuaki-san has developed the original glaze named "Ginga-yu" with twinkle stars design.
One of his artworks was featured on the CHRISTIE'S.