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OGUSHI, Hidenori OGUSHI, Hidenori Oshu Kiln

Nabeshima Ware


He studied the technique of potter' s wheel under NAKAMURA, Seiroku.
Then, he has succeeded to the honorable history of Nabeshima Ware and is famous as a craft man of Imari Potter's Wheel by his high qualitative originality.
He was accepted for Kyusyu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition for 5 times and acquired the qualification of Traditional Craft Industries that is authorized by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
His arts are mainly incense burners and flower vessels. Especially, the jar with traditional coloring and engraving has a good reputation.
While making use of the tradition of approximately 400 years of Nabeshima, he is particular about arts with the grace and sense.


Born in Japan
Training in painting at the Saga prefecture pottery examination station
Entered "Oshu Kiln"
Studied under NAKAMURA, Seiroku for the technique of the potter's wheel
Selected for Kyushu New Art Crafts Exhibition
Selected for the Exhibition of Traditional Art Crafts of SEIBU Area in Japan
Authorized by Traditional Art Crafts qualification by the Minister for International Trade and Industry
Selected for Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition
Selected for Saga prefecture Exhibition
"The Nikkei Inc. prize" in Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition
Selected for the Japan Traditional Craftsman Art Exhibition

Special Affiliations

Imari Arita Traditional Craftsmen
Imari Ceramic Art Association


1657-9 Okawachiyama-otsu, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0025 Japan