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ONO, Aki ONO, Aki Kozan Kiln



・Aki-san is the daughter of Ono Tatsuro-san in the Kozan Kiln.
・She joined the Kozan kiln and inherited the skill which Ono Kozan invented.
・The technique of "tsuihakude" is connected with patio patt, like a picture with many paints coating.
・A sense of tender color appearing on the surface between the base and the glaze.

The technique of Patio Patt

1. Painting the slurry mixed color with material that becomes the backgound. Coating six times while drying so that slurry turns into a state of even.
2. When the material dries, painting the pattern with unmixed slurry. Coating while drying, because bubbles are likely to be made with a large quantity of slurry in one time.
3. The painting by slurry is finished, then sweeping dust gently by a brush or a compressor to go to the unglazed process.
4. When unglazed work is finished, then sweeping dust, and applying the lustrous glaze. And next, it's baked again.


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