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Kozan Kiln Saga Prefecture Arita ware Kozan Kiln Saga prefecture Kyusyu

Artist :
ONO Tatsuro
ONO Takaharu


Kozan Kiln is the place of five minutes' drive from the Ureshino interchange of Nagasaki expressway. There is Ureshino-onsen which is known as the three most beautiful skin's effect in Japan near the kiln. Kozan Kiln was established at Ureshino-machi in 1953. It was named by the founder ONO, Shingo (Kozan). The daughter Hakuko was designated as Intangible Cultural Asset as a holder by Saga prefecture and excelled in Kinrande, Yurikinsai by drastic and minute painting with gold. The second son Shoji made original porcelain with overglaze enamel, porcelain in underglaze blue. It is called Kozan school for producing ceramic artist who are awarded in many public exhibitions, including the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, and is famous for raising many apprentices. The grandson Tatsuro contiues to make ceramics by the technique of Kinrande, ceramics named Hakuyui. Many artworks are placed such as decorated plates, tableware, ceramic boards pasted with gold in the exhibition room. Porcelain is also lined up with cool, white color or red color, and it is an elegant space generally. (ONO, Takaharu was eternal sleep in 2016.)

Address : 223 Oazashimojuku-otsu, Ureshinomachi, Ureshino-shi, Saga 843-0301 Japan
Visiting hours : 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


ONO, Tatsuro
He is the head of the historical Kozan Kiln in Ureshino. He is particularly attracted by gold decoration and makes beautiful ceramics using the "HAKUYUI" technique which is praised by ceramic lovers.
ONO, Takaharu
He pursues his soft expression using the "YUZOGAN" technique to emphasize the white color, and the "YURIKO" technique by the color of copper. He pursues new glaze to bring out the hidden fascination.