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ONIMARU, Oumei ONIMARU, Oumei Oumei Kiln

Koishiwara Ware


・Patterns like dots, ridge line, stripes, spirals using quality soils taken in the neighborhood.
・Onimaru started the Oumei-kamamoto pottery in 1983.
・He makes the works which makes feel now with movement.
・The firm and compact design with being mixed rough sand attracts us.
・He will open new land of pottery without limit of Koisihiwara ware tradition.
・Many customers visit the Oumei-kamamoto to see works from across the country.
・He has the national qualification of the traditional craftsmen.


Koishiwara village, Fukuoka prefecture in 1940
1126-1 Oazakoishiwara, Toho-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka 838-1601 Japan


The president of Japan Broadcasting Corporation prize in the Japan Folk Craft Exhibition (1985)
The Fukuoka prefecture governor prize in Nishi-nippon Ceramic Art Exhibition (1987)
The president of Fukuoka prefecture Traditional Art Crafts council prize in the Koishiwara Ware Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (1990)
The Arita Board of Education prize in the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition (1993)
The Asahi Newspaper company prize in the Fukuoka prefecture Tradition Art Crafts Exhibition (2003)
The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman prize in the Japan's Traditional Crafts Competition (2006)
and many more
The Nishi-nippon Ceramic Art Exhibition and other exhibitions