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Oumei Kiln Fukuoka Prefecture Oumei Kiln Fukuoka prefecture, Kyusyu

Artist :
ONIMARU Takayuki


Oumei Kiln is located in approximately twenty minutes' drive from the Haki interchange of Oita expressway. Koishiwara is called To-no Sato, that'a village of the pottery, and is surrounded by the rich natural such as the bird's singing and the clear spring. The folkcraft pottery village festival - mintosai - is held on spring and autumn twice a year. Handmade vessels with cordiality give us simple and warm impression one by one. Oumei-san was born in former Koishiwara village, Fukuoka prefecture. Oumei Kiln was established at Koishiwara in 1983. Oumei-san and his son Takayuki-san manage kiln together. In the exhibition room, there are many tableware which contains much Koishiwara Ware's elegance on the table.

Address : 1126-1 Oazakoishiwara, Toho-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka 838-1601 Japan


The pottery has a feature of the unique geometric pattern.
He's a master of traditional craft.
ONIMARU, Takayuki
Cool and modern blue-and-white porcelain works are also well received.
He thinks of creating something innovative that goes beyond typical Koishiwara ware.