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IWANAGA, Shiko IWANAGA, Shiko Shiko Kiln

Arita Ware


・Shiko learned landscapes under KANATAKE, Jinen who was the great ceramic painter.
・All artworks are handwritten one by one.
・Her works are praised among ceramic fans even in the situation under the number of landscapes annually decreasing.
・They have clear flavor like famous spring to tell the Arita ware's tradition and make us feel calm.
・The Gallery Shiko is opened at Arita-cho, Saga prefecture, and enjoy dropping by the shop.


Studied ceramic at the pottery school and learned the Japanese painting at the Japanese painting school
Studied underglaze painting at the Saga Ceramics examination station
Joined the Arita College of Ceramics as the first generation students of overglaze enamel
Studied landscapes under KANATAKE, Jizen
Instructor at the Arita College of Ceramics, Saga prefecture (until 2010)
1077 Honmachi-hei, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0018 Japan


Group Exhibition
The Seibokukai exhibition in the Kyushu Ceramic Museum (1986)
The Landscapes joint exhibition at Amstelveen, Nederland (1997)
The Landscapes exhibition by KANATAKE, Jizen and IWANAGA, Shiko at the FUKUOKA NHK Gallery (1998)
and many more
TAKASHIMAYA, Tokyo, SAIKAYA, Fujisawa and other exhibitions