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NAKAZATO, Taiyo NAKAZATO, Taiyo Hiradokoshodanuemon


The 18th generation potter of Hiradokoshodanuemon Kiln. He was born in Mikawachi, Nagasaki prefrecture.
Graduation from the department of ceramics, Arita Technical High School, Saga prefecture.
He studied ceramics at Amsterdam in Nederland, and in Delft. He acquired the international culture when he went to USA to study English, and positively dispathes Mikawachi Ware's culture abroad.
He mainly engages in foming by the potter's wheel and handiwork. He cut the floral shape before the clay made by Amakusa porcelain's stone drys and expresses the delicate flower in the floral decorations of the chrysanthemum.
He mades the various patterns such as the cherry blossoms besides the chrysanthemum, the beauty of the pattern is highly praised.
His solo exhibition holds in every place, and the convenient vessels are popular for the customers. He takes over the skill which is handed down through generations, and works on making new Mikawachi Ware's vessels.


Born in Mikawachicho Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki prefecture
"The Grand prix" in the Mikawauchi Ware Ceramics Works Exhibition
Graduation from Arita College of Ceramics, Saga prefecture
Graduation from the department of Social Work, Kyoei Gakuen Junioi College
Stayed in USA to study language
Studied ceramic of the Netherlands for five months
The 18th potter of Hiradokoshodanuemon Kiln
"The good work prize Kasaku" in the Nagasaki Ceramics Exhibition
"The Traditional Crafts encouragement prize" in the Nagasaki Ceramics Exhibition
"The Judge prize" in the Nagasaki Ceramics Exhibition
Executive Chairperson of Mikawauchi Hamazen Festival
A offering to the Emperor of Nederland, the possession by House of Nederland


889 Mikawachi-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki 859-3155 Japan