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HIGUCHI, Kuniharu HIGUCHI, Kuniharu Musubi Kiln


・People say that the vortex gneratated in the Naruto Strait is the biggest size in the world.
・He got some tips when he watched the vortex and they inspired him to make the choryu series.
・The seihakuji glaze is so glassy that you feel watching like the sea level.
・He collaborates with the flower artist to arrange some flowers into the vase.
・Solo exhibition is held around the country including the KYOTO TAKASHIMAYA.


Kyoto prefecture in 1969
Kyoto Saga Art College
502 Jonai, Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun Nara 636-0092 Japan
Japan Kogei Association
TOBI, the Ceramic Art Soceity of Japan


"The Superintendent of education prize" & "The Japan Kogei association prize" in the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, Kinki
Selected in the Japan traditional Kogei exhibition, the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, TOBI, the Ceramic Art Society of Japan Exhibition
the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, the Shorokusho Chawan Exhibition, the Choza Award Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition