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Musubi Kiln Nara Prefecture Musubi Kiln Nara prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
HIGUCHI, Kuniharu


Musubi Kiln is in Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuargi-gun, Nara prefecture. It's the place of eight minutes' drive from the Owada station, Kintetsu Tawara Line. Higuchi became an apprentice under Iwabuchi, Shigeya in Kyoto, then he moved to Kagawa prefecture to take a course in the pottery. The living lasted for about three years. He thought lots of things to open the kiln before getting back to Kinki region. Ando-cho was the town where TOMIMOTO, Kenkichi was born, who was a master of modern Japanese ceramics. Iwabuchi acquired the style from Tomimoto and Higuchi had the desire to make the workplace related to Tomimoto. The Musubi kiln was built at Kawai-cho that's on the opposite side across the Yamato river. There are workeplace and a separate room to hold the pottery class.

Address : 502 Jonai, Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun Nara 636-0092 Japan


HIGUCHI, Kuniharu
He was born in Kyoto and his pottery was built at Kawai-cho in Nara prefecture.
A series of choryu expresses the scene that can imagine the swirling current in the Naruto Strait.