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Musubi Kiln Nara Prefecture Musubi Kiln Nara prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
HIGUCHI, Kuniharu


Musubi Kiln is in Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuargi-gun, Nara prefecture. It's the place of eight minutes' drive from the Owada station, Kintetsu Tawara Line. Higuchi-san became an apprentice under Iwabuchi, Shigeya in Kyoto, then he moved to Kagawa prefecture to take a course in the pottery. The living lasted for about three years. He thought lots of things to open the kiln before getting back to Kinki region. Ando-cho was the town where Tomimoto Kenkichi was born, who was a master of modern Japanese ceramics. Iwabuchi acquired the style from Tomimoto, so Higuchi-san already knew that and hoped to have the workplace around the place where Tomimoto lived. The Musubi kiln was built at Kawai-cho that's on the opposite side across the Yamato river. There are workeplace and a separate room to hold the pottery class.

Address : 502 Jonai, Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun Nara 636-0092 Japan


HIGUCHI, Kuniharu
He was born in Kyoto and his pottery was built at Kawai-cho in Nara prefecture.
A series of choryu expresses the scene that can imagine the swirling current in the Naruto Strait.