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Seiroku Kiln Seiroku Kiln Saga prefecture, Kyusyu

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Seiroku Kiln is the place of five minutes' drive from the Arita station, JR Sasebo Line, and is ten minutes' drive from the Hasamiarita interchange of Nishi Kyushu expressway. The kiln is peaceful atmosphere with very fresh air after getting out of the car. Seiroku-san was born in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki prefecture and started making porcelain with the potter's wheel. He moved to Arita-cho to master the technique, especially hakuji. He became the instructor in Arita Technical High School at that time, on the other hand he met the first generation potter Okugawa Chuemon who was the master for hakuji. Seiroku-san observed his techique about throwing the potter's wheel and practiced repeatedly. Seiroku Kiln was established at Arita-cho, in 1966. Seiroku-san was well-known for the potter's wheel master with ambitious working. He was designated as Saga Prefecture Important Intangible Cultural Asset Ceramics White Porcelain in 1990 with high execellent technique. The beautiful artworks of hakuji, washizome, and sometsuke are displayed with having presence in the exihibition room. They show warmth of hand-making one by one. Emiko-san who is the daughter of Seiroku-san and is working with her-son Seigo-san. Seiroku-gama brand's tableware is provided by Cruise train Seven Stars in Kyushu with high-ends services.

Address : 1101 Nanbaru-ko, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0027 Japan


There's the organized shape and a sense of stability in the works.
He makes use of materials to create a rich expansion from the inside to the outside.

She grew up in Arita-cho which is located in the western part of Saga prefecture.
The white background is accurately painted with the technique of washizome and sometsuke.

Seiroku-san was one of the most prominent hakuji artist with master craftsmanship.
There is something graceful and heart-warming thing from his artworks.