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Taiga Kiln Hyogo prefecture Tanba Ware Taiga Kiln Hyogo prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
ICHINO Masahiko


Taiga Kiln is the place of fifteen minutes’ drive from the Sandanihsi interchange of Maizuru-Wakasa expressway. The kiln is 1.3 kilometers to the north of Musuem of Ceramic Art, Hyogo. It is the tranquil place surrounded by the mountains and has superior soil. Tanba Ware is called one of the Japanese six old kilns, jars, vases, and earthenware mortars are produced from middle ages. Konda-cho area is the right place of making Tanba Ware in Sasayama-shi, Hyogo prefecture. Ichino-san is the second-son of the first generation potter Shinsui. Shinsui Kiln is one of the works for Tanba Ware. He got transferred back to hometown after the training period was over, and built Taiga Kiln in 1988. His artworks are displayed such as tableware, vases, tea utensils, and gulps abundantly in the exhibition room. Taiga Kiln is called the most modern ceramics. His pottery has a great deal of personality by various improvements.

Address : Kamitachikui-Onaka, Konda-cho, TanbaSasayama-shi, Hyogo 669-2135 Japan


ICHINO, Masahiko
Many ceramic lovers charmed with his original arts.
It's something striking about sharp form and design that adds movement.