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Shinsui Kiln Hyogo Prefecture Tanba Ware Shinsui Kiln Hyogo prefecture, Kinki

Artist :
ICHINO Shinsui


Shinsui Kiln is the place of fifteen minutes’ drive from the Sandanishi interchange of Maizuru-Wakasa expressway. The kiln stands along Prefectural Route 292, in the further north of Musuem of Ceramic Art, Hyogo. There are over sixty kilns of Tanba Ware production at Konda-cho area in Sasayama-shi today. There is the oldest climbing kiln which is over 40 meters long designated as tangible folk-cultural properties of Hyogo prefecture, many people visit there. It is the environment appropriate for making ceramics with the beautiful green scenery and superior soil. Shinsui Kiln was established by the first generation potter Ichino Shinsui at Kamitachikui in 1968. Then Katsuki-san has taken over family businness. Tea utensils such as tea containers, tea pots, tea bowls are displayed, and tableware is also placed in the exhibition room.

Address : 4-3 Kamitachikui, Konda-cho, TanbaSasayama-shi, Hyogo 669-2135 Japan


ICHINO, Shinsui
Works are burned in single-chamber kiln called anagama to creat quality brown color.
That's why they have the accumulated profundness in Tanba ware.