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Tamura Kiln Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani ware Tamura Kiln Ishikawa prefecture, Hokuriku

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Tamura Kiln is the place of ten minutes’ drive from Komatsu Airport. The kiln specializes in brush-writing micro calligraphy, Kutani Mohitsu Saiji for generations. The technique has been developed as original Kutani porcelain and the potters have established as sophisticated, delicate skill even though there are several decoration techniques in Kutani Ware since the current master, Keisei studied hard subsequent to the first potter, Seizan and the second potter, Kinsei for one hundred twenty years. The forth potter, Seito has also succeeded the technique and she writes not only Japanese poems but also songs like mother goose on the porcelain with modern design by micro calligraphy. At the early Meiji period, the technique was improved as the expression which is suitable for craftsmen’s skill and delicate picture in overglaze painting. They write classical Japanese on the porcelain and express well-balanced, refined art with an ancestor’s will today.

Address : I-53, Takandomachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa 923-0031 Japan


TAMURA, Keisei
He is an Intangible Cultural Asset of Ishikawa prefecture. His technique "Saiji" used in Kutani's art craft has attracted a great deal of attention.

She is one of the young artists representing Kutani. She has made brilliant ceramics with the motif of the four seasons.