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Morihozan Kiln Okayama Prefecture Bizen ware Morihozan Kiln Okayama prefecture, Chugoku

Artist :
MORI Yasushi


Morihozan Kiln has been continued as the descendant of Terami who was one of the Bizen Ware's pottery six grand masters since Azuchi-Momoyama period. The kiln is near the Inbe station, JR Ako Line, it takes five minutes' walk to the Inbe station. A row of kilns stand with a brick chimney and earthen wall, this is the famous place called town of the Bizen ware. There are many stands at annual Bizen Ware Festival by the kilns, and many people visit there. Yasuhi-san's-son, Toshiaki-san manage the pottery today. There is the precious shelf following from Edo period in the exhibition room. They pursue the gentle and elegant form loved by many people, and produced wide range of products such as jars, vases, plates, tea bowls, sake bottles, gulps and buckets. They keep tradition of Bizen Ware, and create warm ceramics which brings out its texture.

Address : 710 Inbe, Bizen-shi, Okayama 705-0001 Japan


MORI, Yasushi
It's been over fifty years since he started making Bizen-yaki.
He thought up the idea of a twice baking method to bring out a changable black color.