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Kozantoen Gifu Prefecture Hagi ware Kozantoen Gifu prefecture, Chubu

Artist :
SAKAI Hiroshi


Kozantoen is located in Dachi-cho Toki-shi, Gifu prefecture which is famous as the production area for Donburi (bowl) of Mino Ware. The factory is the place of fifteen minutes' drive from the Toki station, JR Chuo Line. It is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the lands spread with the clear river. The pottery is the production company for many kinds of Chinese bowls and tableware with the contemporary design such as bowls, plates, and others. Sakai-san is as an ceramic artist, working at atelier attached to the factory. He purses original Shino, and his pottery has been baked in the kiln in order to express ideal crack patterns. He has been selected in several public exhibitions, including Japan Traditional Kogei exhibition.

Address : 1080-1 Dachi-cho, Toki-shi, Gifu 509-5401 Japan


SAKAI, Hiroshi
Sakai-san learned ceramic a lot under Kato Kozo-san who is the living national treasure, Setoguro.
He creates a new type of Shino-yaki in his own indivuality.