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Sanno Kiln Ibaraki Prefecture Sanno Kiln Ibaraki prefecture, Kanto

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Sanno Kiln was opened in old Gozenyama village (present Hitachiomiya-shi) in 1982. It is forty kilometers Northwest of Mito-shi, in the mountains with rich nature with Naka river in the north of Ibaraki prefecture. Ruins was excavated since Jomon period, it was found that the there was a trace where people lived from way back. KIKUCHI, Hiroshi and AKAHAGI, Harui manage the kiln together. He studied pottery in Kasama, Seto and Mashiko. She graduated from college of Art in Kyoto, and studied in Kasama and Mashiko. His Saideiji pottery is exhibited such as Japan Traditional Kogei exhibiton, his solo exhibition. His pottery also has a good reputation such as tea utensils with Kohiki, Mishima, and Hakeme technique, vases, cup & saucer and tea cups. AKAHAGI's tableware is also convenient such as bowls, cups and tea pots with feminine sensitivity.

Address : 291 Nakai, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, 311-4612 Japan
Visiting hours : 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Access : 40 km to National Highway Route 123. Gozenyama/Mogi direction from Mito interchange, JOBAN EXPRESSWAY
25 minutes by taxi from Omiya station JR Suigun Line
1 hour by Ibaraki Traffic bus to Gozenyamanagakurasoko stop from Mito station, Joban Line


KIKUCHI, Hiroshi
He makes various kinds of pottery in addition to colored slip painting. He was invited to exhibit at the Musee national de Ceramique, France.