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Sanno Kiln Ibaraki Prefecture Sanno Kiln Ibaraki prefecture, Kanto

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Sanno Kiln was opened in old Gozenyama village (present Hitachiomiya-shi) in 1982. It is forty kilometers Northwest of Mito-shi, in the mountains with rich nature with Naka river in the north of Ibaraki prefecture. Ruins was excavated since Jomon period, it was found that the there was a trace where people lived from way back. Kikuchi-san and Akahagi-san manage the kiln together. He has learned pottery in Kasama, Seto and Mashiko. His pottery named saideiji are exhibited in the exhibition. His pottery also has a good reputation such as tea utensils with kohiki, mishima, and hakeme technique.

Address : 291 Nakai, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, 311-4612 Japan


KIKUCHI, Hiroshi
He makes various kinds of pottery in addition to colored slip painting.
He was invited to exhibit at the Musee national de Ceramique, France.